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A Soldier Out Of Time

A friend told me this story some time ago. It took place in a recreational theme park called Genting Highlands located in one of the hills in the state of Pahang. It lies about 6000 feet above sea level and is one of the popular tourist spots in Malaysia.

That day was a public holiday and there was this group of friends (about 5 of them) who did not know what to do so one of them suggested that they make a trip to Genting Highlands. So up they went.

Being a public holiday and without prior reservations, the group soon found out that they have no rooms to spend the night in for all the rooms are fully booked. They then had no choice but to spend the night in the car.

It was beginning to get dark so they had to find a spot to tuck in for the night. They found a place not far from the hotel and decided to spend the night there. Throughout the night they gambled, told jokes and fooled around until some of them could not stand it anymore and had to hit the sack. Soon, all of them were asleep except two of them who were still hyperactive. Seeing their friends asleep, they decided to take a stroll into the darkness.

They strolled along into the darkness, chatting and enjoying the cool breeze. All they planned for was just a quick stroll before they head back to the car. They were walking along happily when suddenly, they saw a soldier approaching them. They thought it was probably one of the military police on patrol that night. The soldier came up to one of them and ordered them to turn back because there is a war zone ahead. Without giving much thought, they did as the soldier told.

While walking back, they thought about it and became very puzzled. “War zone? What war zone?”, one of them commented. Both of them started to have frightened glances towards each other. “Did you notice that the uniform that soldier was wearing isn’t from this period of time?”, the other asked. “He looked like a soldier from WW2.”, he continued. Only then, they had realised what had happened and they started racing back to the car as fast as their legs could carry them.

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