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Spooky Vacuum Cleaner

This was told to me by my mother. When she was studying abroad in university, she shared this really old house with a few of her friends. She still swears to this day that it was haunted. I remember her telling me about how when she would be vacuuming the house, some unknown entity would pull the vacuum right out of her hands. There would be doors that would open as you pass them, which freaked her out, but the thing that made her decide to leave the house is when she woke up one morning and the entire lower floor was blanketed with fog.

About two years ago we moved into the house we are living in now. When the house was being built we found cut up rats on our corridor and bloodie hand print on the wall. None of us thought much of it at the time, but weird stuff has happened in our house after we moved in. For instance, my parents will hear people running around in the living room outside of their bedroom in the middle of the night, among other things. One thing that has happened to me was when my grandmother was staying with me while my parents were out of town about a year ago. It was very early in the morning and I was awakened by a low howling of the wind. I thought it must have been a window open or something, but then I heard the howling get louder and louder, and the front door, which we always keep locked began banging back and forth creaking on its hinges. I decided to take a look around, but I couldn’t find any intruders or someone like that in the house, and my grandmother was still asleep. I still don’t know what caused the door to open.

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