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Toilets In Paragon

Toilets in the old Paragon to be haunted (b4 Paragon was renovated). They used to have those big big toilets with sofas inside. 3 of us went to 1 of these toilet inside Metro on the 2nd floor. Me & A occupied the first 2 cubicles. B walked to the end to occupy another cubicle.

While I was still chatting with A outside our cubicles, we heard B’s voice talking. We shouted that we couldn’t hear what she said and asked her to repeat. B shouted again, but we still couldn’t make out the words. Then A & I went into our individual cubicles.

B came out first and met A just outside my door and B asked what we were saying. A said “we were asking u what u said, we couldn’t hear”. Then B said “no i didn’t say anything, I only heard u 2 talking”

Woah, I immediately pulled up my pants and rushed out to meet the 2 of them, then B knew something was wrong. 3 of us tried to walk as calmly as possible out (we were so scared the automatic door wasn’t going to open!).

The moment we were out, we asked B again if she had asked us anything and she said she didn’t even talked. B also said she didn’t hear any1 shouting. So only A & I heard that loud booming voice!

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