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Famous Genting Story

This is a story in Genting. Told by one of the staff there. It was said that there was this young couple who were driving down Genting at night when the car suddenly broke down mid hill. So the husband stepped out of the car and decided to walk up the hill to get help while the wife stayed in the car. After a very long time, the husband didn’t come back and the wife was getting quite scared being left alone in the car. So when she saw another car coming down from Genting, she stepped out of the car to try to get the approaching car to stop to help her. The car slowed down from the distance at first when they saw her waving, but then as they neared her car, the other car suddenly picked up speed and sped off. The wife didn’t understand why, and this happened to all the other cars that later came down the hill.

Finally, after a long time, a police car came. The wife thought her husband finally got some help from Genting. But the strange thing is, the police car also pulled over far far away from her and instead of going up to her, the policeman signaled to her to go over to them. The wife was very puzzled but followed the instruction.

When she was near the police, the police asked her what happened and she explained that her car broke down and her husband went to get help. The police then asked her where her husband was, and by this time she was all confused because she thought her husband was with them, and then finally, she asked them if they could help her with her car, the policeman said he couldn’t help her and asked her to turn around to look at her car.

And there was a woman in red standing on top of her car holding a head in her hand.

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