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True Ghost Story

I have an incident to share. It happened at my old place which i have moved a month plus ago. I didn’t move because of that presence though.. I moved because my landlord had sold the house.

Actually I’m never much inclined to such things, which is good i guess. But my sister who was living together with is more so. Our bedrooms were on the 2nd floor whereby there was staircase leading to the hall on ground level. We always left our bedroom doors opened while sleeping so long the air con was not on. As my sis was drifting into her sleep, she heard loud distinct footsteps coming up from the hall, towards her room. Followed on, was an unusual chill down her spine. She said she was dead scared. After 10mins of struggling the fear under the blanket, she took courage to get up from bed and slammed the bedroom door shut.

She didn’t tell me the next day. Her ex boyfriend slept over the next night. Not the first time he came over though. While they were chatting before they fell asleep, he told my sis… “do you know you have invited guest in your house? It’s a little gal. She likes to play at the staircase.”. Mind you that my sister didn’t tell him about what happened the night before. By the way, we always know that he can “see” things.

More things followed up. But nothing “destructive” because he said the spirit is harmless. We let her stayed on… After all, we knew that in about 3 months time we had to move out.

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