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My Dead Grandpa

This happened when my grandpa passed away. Before he died, my grandpa used to stay in my house. His room is separated from mine via a shared bathroom. Like most old people, he had a routine that he’d stick to quite strictly. He’d wake up at about 545am and take a shower. At about 6am, before he leaves the house, he’d wake me up (to go to school) by knocking my door and I’ll walk him to the main door. At night, he’d usually come home at about 10pm. I’ll usually get my dog ready around this time to go for a walk with my grandpa. When they came back, my grandpa and my dog will sit at the balcony together.

One morning after his passing, I heard the shower running and smelt his soap. At first, i thought it was the maid taking a bath. Then, i heard a knock on my door. When i opened it, no one was there. Again, i thought it was the maid. When i went to the bathroom to wash up, i noticed that the bathroom floor was dry. It was only at this point when i felt a bit nervous. And when I asked the maid, she said that she had been in the kitchen the whole time. We concluded that i was just missing my grandpa and was imagining things.

That night, my dog waited at the door, as usual. Suddenly, he started to bark and jump around. So to shut him up, we took him out for a walk. When we came back, he went straight to the balcony and sat there quietly, as if he was keeping my grandpa company.

This went on for several weeks. During this time, my whole family reported seeing the figure of grandpa sitting in the living room, smelling his soap, hearing his footsteps etc. My cousin also said that he saw grandpa watering the plants (like he usually did when he went to their house for dinner). Then as suddenly as it began, it ended.

I remember waiting for signs that he’s back, but i guess he had moved on…

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