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Spookiness In My House

This incident happened in my room. It was really a long encounter which continuously happened for around 2 years but many years ago but glad now its okay. It’s always during the 7th month.

Firstly, it started by in the middle of the night, I can’t move. The so-called bei4 gui3 ya1. Okay never mind. I was unable to shout, although mouth opened but no voice can come out. So I tried to chant for few minutes and finally went off. It happens few times per week every night at 4.30am. Very very sharp, that’s why I know it’s the same thing. If past 4.30am still don’t have, means that night don’t have already. I only saw a pair of eyes once, it was a very fierce pair of blue color looking eyes. And once I heard it’s voice. But the voice is not female not male, and it was very fierce, in a language I don’t understand..maybe Thai? I can sense the hate in me but I really don’t remember offending anyone. Anyway, during that period I very pitiful, every night must after 4.30am then sleep. If the lights are on, nothing will happened. But I cant sleep with lights on mah, so sometimes no choice I will still be disturbed.

My mum bought me consulted medium many times and placed many amulets on me as well on my door but all no use. I was so frustrated. There was once around 5pm, I walked out from my door and I “banged” into something. Air? It was so weird. Also being “slapped” before in the night when I was unable to move.

Got once my friend come my house ton. I did not tell her the thing because I don’t wanna scare her. But I thought 2 person sleep should be no problem because my mum slept with me before and it did not came. The next morning, my friend asked me some questions

She: where is derec(our classmate)? Left already ah?
Me: Derek?? how can he be here??
She:really, I even talk to him
Me: you talked what with him?
She: nothing lo. I ask why is he here. But he never answer me, just smile and nod only. I find it abit weird then go back sleep liao. Nudge you also no wake up.
Me: You must be dreaming lah.

Then next day, I was in my room when my mum came in to ask me whether I want to go back to her room to sleep. I felt weird…”go back?” She said, “yeah, just now you were sleeping beside me, werent you?”
I said, “I today never leave my room 1 step…” Then my mum saw what I was wearing, a white top with lace at the sleeves…and she said “the thing” she saw look like me, also wearing white with no lace at the sleeves.

Then I know my friend werent dreaming. That thing can change face, male and female. So till now, I also dont know whether it’s male or female.

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