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The Suicide Girl

Hear this from one of the Taiwan variety show. There is this girl enrolled into one of the University. She stayed in the dorm, where the doors are all in a row. The first night, she was suddenly awaken by knockings on the dorm doors. She hear “Thub thub”, and a girl knocking and asking if someone is there, when there is no answer, she move to the next door. Though the new girl is curious but she is a little afraid as well. She just kept quiet and listen to the girl knock till the last door and went away.

The next morning, she ask her senior about the incident last night. The senior explain that there was a girl was lived in the dorm. But one night she quarrel with her boyfriend and was very upset. She wanted to talk to someone, so she went knocking on the doors of the other girls begging them to talk to her. But since it was very late in the night, so no one bothered. The girl committed suicide by jumping of the building.

After hearing this, the new girl was very afraid. But her senior told her not to be afraid, just ignore the “girl” and not make any noise.

That night, around the same time, the girl heard the knockings again. It went.”Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” No reply, she move on to the next door. “Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” As the “girl” move closer & closer to her room, the new girl got so afraid that she decide to hide under her bed.

“Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?” The girl is just next door. And suddenly “Thub, thub”, “Knock knock knock, hello is anyone there?”

“Ah! I finally found someone to talk to!!”

And the new girl faint.

You see, when the girl committed suicide, she landed on her head first.

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