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School Bus Railroad Tracks

One day, on their regular route home from school, a school bus full of children was crossing over the railroad tracks on their way to the next stop when something went wrong and the bus stalled straddling the tracks. As the driver struggled to restart the bus, the train alarm signal started to sound and the children saw a speeding locomotive coming quickly toward them. By the time the driver opened the doors and evacuate the children, the train had arrived, and the children’s screams were drowned out by the screaming whistle and brakes of the deadly train. None of the children on the schoolbus survived that horrible accident.

A few years later, a man was driving down the same road and stalled on the tracks, in much the same way as the bus full of children. Again, the driver struggled as the alarm started to sound, the lights began to blink and the guard bars lowered in front and behind the man’s passive car. Just before impact, the driver could feel the train bearing down on him. He ceased to struggle and squeezed his eyes shut, anticipating the explosive collision. Suddenly it was as if time stood still and everything became quiet. He felt his car somehow move and it was as if he was being pushed to safety, guided off the tracks by an unknown force. When he and his car were out of danger from the oncoming train, suddenly sound and time came back to life and the locomotive barreled past him, just inches from the bumper of his vehicle.

To this day if you put your car in neutral on those tracks and sprinkle some baby powder on the back bumper of your car the children from the bus accident will push your car to safety off of the railroad tracks where they met their untimely fate. You will see small hand prints in the powder of the ghosts of the poor children who died that day.

Jeff Ardsley from PA
Stephanie from Houston, TX

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