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Grandfather’s Funeral

I remember there was this incident when my grandfather passed away. When my grandfather was alive, he would go and live in all of my relatives house. for example, 1 month at my aunt’s house, 1 month at my uncle’s house, then 1 month at my house. When he came over to stay at my house, he was already quite sick. And after a few weeks, he passed away. so my parents and relatives decided to hold the funeral at my void-deck since he passed away while it was his turn living at my place. he passed away peacefully at the hospital.

When the funeral was held at my void-deck, then one night at the beginning of the 7 days funeral (think it was the 2nd or 3rd day), me and my parents went upstairs to our house to rest for awhile before going downstairs again. me and my dad was in the masterbed room, he was telling me stories (i was small at that time), the bedroom door was closed as we had switched on the air-con. Mum was alone in the living room praying. then she told us that as she was praying, she heard footsteps, like someone was walking towards the kitchen. Then the next minute, she heard the cabinet open, and she heard someone making milo – my grandfather loved drinking milo. True enough, me and dad heard the cabinet opening, sudden we thought nothing of it because we thought it was mum.

Towards the end of the 7 days of the funeral, one night me, my dad and mum went upstairs to wash up. Dad and i finished washing up first, so we watched TV while waiting for mum to finish so we could all go downstairs together. then while i was watching TV, there’s this dark shadow of a person just walked pass the TV and flew out of the window. we could see the the shadow because the TV was very bright, and we did not on any other lights. the shape of the shadow looks exactly like my grandfather. I guess he was just saying one last goodbye to us.

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