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Personal Encounters

1st encounter – I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was lying on my bedroom floor reading a book when a shadow passed over me so I looked up and saw a translucent white and wispy ‘thing’ that flew into my curtain and disappeared. Strange that it could cast a solid shadow though.

2nd encounter – I was alone in the house bathing when there was three consecutive sharp knocks (quite loud) on the bathroom door. As I have just finished bathing, I cleaned myself up quickly and came out to see if my family member(s) had returned. Nobody. I tested on the bathroom door by knocking on it and the sounds were totally the same la~

3rd encounter – I was in the living room with my sis and from the corner of our eyes, something small and white and fast (very fast!) shot past us under the sofa. I shoved away the sofa and there was nothing! But both of us truly saw something went under the sofa..

4th encounter – I was serving NS and during a recce mission on Tekong in the middle of the forest, my team (consisted of 4 people) rested under a tree around 2am+ as we’d been walking for a long time when suddenly, I heard a woman hummed a short tune (something like in the old movie ???? when there was always a short tune when the ghost appeared). The tune was very 3D and surround sound and it clearly came from above in the trees. Shocked, I asked my teammates if they heard it or not and their expressions told me so. My sergeant told me not to talk about it. I whipped out my night-vision goggle and scanned the branches but I didn’t see anything. No more weird happenings after that.

5th encounter – This might be ridiculous to you but I swear it really happened. My bro’s ex-gf came for a sleepover that time and the next morn, she woke up and reached for her comb when she saw that it was entangled with a mass of long and frizzy hair (frizzy as in under intense heat until they were spoil and curly)! Disgusted, she cleared away the hair and left the comb alone. Moments later, she exclaimed to my bro and I that the hair re-appeared! I tried to come up with a logical reason (but it sounded impossible) that there was probably static electricity and it attracted the hair lying around to the comb.

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