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Rules To Avoid Spirits

I talked once with a friend’s uncle who is a Taoist priest and he advised me about the rules for avoiding in contact with spiritual beings. Here they are,

1) Dont bring bell during the 7th month
2) Dont look into mirror at night.
3) Dont tell ghost story at any time of the day during the 7th month.
4) Dont wear red underwear and bra..

When the lift open for you by itself when you reached it, say thank you after entering and after pressing the number you wanna go. Wait for the lift to close by itself. Cause they are entering and leaving. They wait for you and so you must wait for them..

At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is not facing the door. Cause dead people go out of the door head first.. It is also said that if the top of your head face the door when you sleep, the soul catcher can catch your soul when passing.

At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is facing the wall. Think is because if not you will see a ghost standing there looking down at you..

Don’t open umbrella indoor or anyway not under the sun.. Indoor can open side way. Cause when you open normal indoor, the ghost can get into your unbralla and leave the place with you..

Don’t look into the mirror at night. It is to said that you can see people looking back at you if you stare too long in the mirror at night.

If you drop your chopstick on the ground, must remember to said sorry before picking them up. It is to say that the noise make from dropping the chopstick will disturb them. So you must say sorry to them before picking them up..

When buying Gu Tong, remember to check clearly the background of the item before buying them as most of them contain a soul and nearly all of them happened to be evil. (Don’t know why)

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