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Roadblock Incident

Ever got caught in a roadblock while driving?

Asked to do a breath test for drunk driving?

This story is about the roadblock. Do you wish to be the driver or the policeman?

It was Christmas and Peter was on his way back from clubbing with his friends.Driving along East Coast Rd, he was stopped by a police roadblock. Inside his mind, he was thinking, he is dead this time as he had quite a few drinks earlier on.However, the police did not ask him to take the breathalyzer test for alcohol content!Instead, they ask him where is he staying and they would send him back home. At this point of time, Peter did not want to argue with the police and quietly agreed.They also told him to pick up his car the next day at the traffic police HQ. Peter thought that they might want to check his vehicle for any illegal modifications.

The next day when Peter went to collect his vehicle, he questioned the police to why his car was detained. Why he heard next was a total shock to him

The police officer told him that when he was approaching the roadblock, the policemen present saw a lady in white sitting on the top of his car but disappeared when the car was about 5m away from the roadblock.

There has been stories of drivers being killed on this road after people claimed seeing a lady in white sitting or hovering on top of the victims car.

As such, the police decide to give Peter a ride as they would not want to risk another accident.

So, don’t you wish the same roadblock was there for you when you need it?

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