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Tengah Airbase Bunks

I have something to share though its nothing really supernatural. I was from Tengah Airbase and the bunks we slept in during training were those old World War II bunks.. Well that’s what they told us, which we believed cos they were really super old.. ( All of u who knew Tengah Airbase is super near to the Lim Chu Kang cemeteries.)

I still remembered that talismans, joss sticks n pendants were placed at certain pillars, of cos, definitely one at the entrance of the toilet, presumably by the officers or those NSmen.. During the 7th month there would be people burning incense paper and offerings in the squadron itself.

When we were just posted in our sergeants told us there was a plague near the squadron headquarters which has bullet holes in it. It was said that the British will tie the Japanese soldier to the plague and shoot them down. Those who were in FDS will know what I’m talking about.

When we book in late at night during nights out we have to walk through this short but super dark path to our bunks, passing through the training shed in the process.

When I book in alone I will feel the creeps cos the moment i walk past there is this huge tree which covers the path and I dun dare to look sideways towards the trunk or upwards.. I’ll just hum and quicken my footsteps until Ive reached my bunk where other mates were playing their xboxes & PS2s in it.

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