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Alternatives to Gumantong

I know alot of people dont like the ideal of dealing with dead people or with ghosts. I personally dont like dealing with ghosts too much. I dont know if dealing with Yin energy is good if you do it too much.

Since alot of people dont like ghosts or are afraid of ghosts I’m going to share with you some of the possible alternatives to guman thong. Even though I am Asian too I am fortunate enough to be able to read some Western literature on the metaphysical/paranormal. People want prosperity and good luck in their life but dont want to deal with guman thong or with dead things. I think possible alternatives is to get in contact with Non Human spirits such as Angels or other spirits. They can be very powerful. They can bring you good luck. They are sometimes harder to get in cocntact with but once yu do they can help you alot.

I heard theres also old practices where one can contact spirits using a triangle with special words on it and a special circle. I would be a little more careful with these methods. Some of these books are a little more dangerous and not all the spirits are for doing good. The advantage of these methods is that once you get a spirit to work for you, you dont have to feed it or take care of it like the guman thong. They would follow your orders. The disadvantage is the spirits are harder to contact and some books tell you how to contact bad spirits to do bad things. Stay away from those. Its bad karma. Just deal with Angels or good spirits and you should have no problem.

I’m no expert. I just wanted to add my thoughts on this.

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