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Third Door Story

The story i heard is got 1 idiot recurit, bring BBQ Pork in Tekong and it is believed that Tekong area is blessed by the Malay god. Thus bring PORK in will anger them. The Camp OIC informed everyone not to bring. Then this guy bring in lor.. During the outdoor camp, his platoon started walking in the dark. then during break, this idiot go eat the BBQ pork secretly, then they continue.. When they arrive a junction, they moved to one of the direction and continue.. Then at the next rest point, and the IC is numbering off them, 1 is missing.. And the missing 1 is the IDIOT..

The camp was cancelled, then the IC informed the HQ and they sent everyone in looking, but to no avail.. Then, i dunnoe got not, the Heads of the HQ went to the only Chinese Temple there and ask the Monk, who was known to have power to look for missing people.. The monk told them the idiot had did something that anger the spirits in the forest and the “Natou” who protect the people could not help as he got BBQ pork in his stomach.. The “Natou” cannot go near him to help.. Then he also said that the Army must find the missing guy before 7am, when the sun rises.. Thus the whole army search lor..Kepping searching n searching, till 7am le also cannot find, then they find till 9am, the HQ cancelled the search.

The platoon who go with the missing idiot, went back to their bunks wearily..Then when they enter, they found the room filled with foul smell… They go open the missing guy metal cupboard and as the cupborad got lots of sleves right? They found themselves staring at:

1st layer: The head
2nd layer: the organs neatly packed
3rd layer: the other body parts neatly..

Of course that guy is the idiot.. And from what i heard. what i heard only ar.. The Army covered up this story as sucide not supernatural.. Of course they can’t say got ghost come kill people there right.. If not other countries come laugh at us.. This is what i heard only, so not comfirm..

This is the story lor, No 3rd door, just the Organs neatly packed.. Hope you all enjoy my story.. N the idiot not really idiot la, cannot scold him until so bad, maybe he really crave for BBQ Pork then and didn’t know what will happen mah..

So moral of Story,: Do not eat pork in TEKONG. Understand?

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