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Real Story

It happens like 4-5 years back. When i was in scondary 3 or 4. Kinda forget. But this story is real. It happens to my friends. They were playing this “thing” outside a classroom which was converted to become a medical checkup room. So while waiting they played. End up, the thing really moved and quite an amount of people was gathering around looking. Their teacher came and told them to stop it. Saying it’s going to be their turn to be in the medical check up room and ask them to stop playing (the teacher’s an indian, but he doesn’t believe in all these.) So my friends ask the “person” whether she wants to go back. (Oh it’s a she. A small girl if im not wrong.) But she doesn’t want to. Quite many times of trying but to no avail. So the teacher came again and scolded them and say it’s their turn they better stop playing. So they had no choice but to let go the pen.

After the check up, it was a free period. So the people that played the game gather around and sit in a circle talking about the game. Wondering what they should do. Suddenly, a girl, seems to be uptight. Showing a very scared face. Suddenly, she cried. Non-stop and shivering. So the rest sense that something is wrong. So two girls brought the girl to the toilet and calmed her down. Asking what happen to her. The girl said she saw a “little girl’s head” in between two of their friends head. Right opposite of her. They were worried. Utterly shocked, out of words. So they went back and say ok we better stop all these. They ask one of the friend to go back and ask her mum what should they do coz her mum is a medium. After the free lesson, they had P.E lesson and when they left the class, my friend, she saw the “girl” sitting right in the middle of the classroom. The lights were off though.

The girl went home and ask her mum but her mum say no choice since they irritated her. The mum gave her a chant to chant and say not to bother bout the girl anymore and don’t talk about the matter anymore. So after awhile, the “little girl” was finally gone.

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