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Old Home

I had lived in my old home for 8 years before moving out. Throughout all these years, hardly a day went by without experiencing something odd. I will try to list down the more memorable ones.

1) There was a time when i was playing in the living room on a stormy afternoon. I remembered the time was exactly 3pm. Out of the corner of my eye, i caught a glimpse of a guy in blue coloured old fashioned chinese costume walking towards the kitchen and disappeared. Anyway, it followed us to our new home, but that is another story for another time…

2) There was 1 night I slept together with my parents as it was more airy there…so there i was, lying on the bed between my mum and dad, staring directly right outside the room. All of them were sound asleep except for me. That was when I saw my young little sis walking past my parents room into the kitchen, presumably to the toilet carrying her favourite purple coloured bolster. Oh well, i thought, guess I’m not the only one awake. A few seconds passed before I realised something seriously wrong there. Firstly, my sis had always been afraid of the dark. She would always wake my mum up to accompany her to the toilet, but not tonight. The lights were still not on in the kitchen toilet. Secondly, she passed by my parents room without the sound of footsteps. I waited for around 10 minutes and still she was not back. I nudged my mum and told her, ” Mummy, why meimei go toilet never turn on the lights and she went for so long har?” All this while, my eyes were still focusing at the point where I saw my sis. So we got out of bed, walked into my sis’s room and there was, sleeping.

3) One evening , the whole family was in the living room watching tv when suddenly, just out of gut feeling, I turned back my head to look at my sis’s room’s entrance and I saw Guanyin at the door. It looks exactly the same as the Guanyin idol we worshipped, but the image was translucent and very watery, I could actually see ripples making up the whole image. It was so huge, it covered the whole doorway.It appeared for just a split second and disappeared. I told my mummy and got a thrashing instead…haizzz. So, is that really Guanyin? Or is that the same spirit who morphed into my sis?

4) My sis also encountered her fair share of ghosts in the house. She was in the living room and she saw a humanoid shadow casted on the ground in my parents’ room. she thought it was me so she playfully ran very fast into the room and BOO! All she saw was the empty air with the shadow still there.

All these freaky incidents happened lots of times in the house until we are sick of it. Up till now, I often wonder why I wasn’t afraid but was amazed by them instead. They didn’t harm us, they just wanted to play and have a place to call as home…

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