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Spirits Return

I have never experienced it but I have heard a lot of stories about spirits coming back. I don’t know if its the actual souls or just some entities taking shape of the loved ones in order to manipulate them.

There is this story I heard on the radio where this woman told listeners that she heard a doorbell late one night and she went to look into the peephole. She didn’t see anyone but soon she suddenly developed fever which didn’t subside for a few days even after going to the GP. She finally went to see a traditional healer who asked her if there was a Chinese funeral ceremony near her block. Apparently there was one next to her block. He told her that the spirit wanted to visit his home but it went to the wrong block and unit instead. And when she looked into the peephole, thats when the spirit entered her somewhat causing a disturbance in her health. But soon after visiting the traditional healer and getting some help from him, her fever subsided.

Another stories that I heard about spirits coming back :

This woman’s neighbour just passed away. I think the funeral ceremony is still happening under the block. One night she heard some knockings outside her home so she peeked out her window. She saw her dead neighbour outside his door and then he just walked ‘through’ the door. The next night also same thing but if I remember correctly he can’t seemed to enter so he kept rapping the door. After a while he turned to her door and then knocked on hers instead. She said she prayed silently for him to go away and after a while he did.

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