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Gumantong Experience

My house or I should say my room used to look like a mini Thai Temple. With all sort of Thai amulets, statues, offering etc. Because the Thai Master tell me that I need a “bigger and more powerful” Buddha to so call hold / press down those Kumantong. In the event of thing get out of hand the Buddha can take action.

Once you adopt Kumantong, you become a fatherly or motherly figure to them, meaning them treated you as they parents. Just like kids they need people to care for them, play with them and teacher them, of course they will be jealous if you show more feeling to others. That why it an advise not to keep kumantong if you have kids in your house. They may disturb your kids when they jealousies grow but some good one may assist you in taking care of them. Especially babies they able to see “thing” which us adult unable to see, that why sometime you can see your babies playing happily by themselves just like someone else playing with them. Weird right?

I not blaming you bro but you should not dispose them to the sea, it a cruel thing to do. Think as if a real human baby? You think he able to swimming in the sea without drowning? And whoever pick them up, good luck to them. Kumantong is not “forgiving” sprits. It will bring bad luck to them.

Like what I mentioned earlier, that them help me in a lot of way. Like getting a good job, small wealth (4D, mahjong, poker etc), good relationship etc. Maybe others say, “Is your luck lah, nothing to do with them” but to me I got strong believing in they is the one who bring me all the luck.

I hate to let them go but guess fate end there, anyway I also happy for them which they already reborn as “real” babies.

If got chance I shall write about another sort of Buddha which more on the evil side type. Don’t know if you hear before that this sort you need to warp up with women “Use Tempo” to let it suck the blood. It a very powerful idol that I dare not try but a friend of mine did and something very terrible happen to him month later.

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