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My Baby Saw A Ghost?

I can never forget this spine chilling experience a few years ago; my daughter must hv been 2-3 yr old then.

There is a path behind my estate that leads to Simei MRT Station.. (the path that now links ITE East @ SIMEI to Simei MRT (Eastpoint). It was usually well-lit. That eventful night when I walked my daughter along the path, a few of the path lights were not working. As the path led to an open field to our right, just behind some apartments, my daughter who was walking in front of me suddenly stopped. She turned her head in the direction of the dark empty field. The she pointed with her index finger to the darkness in the empty field.

I asked her “What did you see”, her reply was ,” Ko–Ko, Ko…Ko”; stammering away, koko means elder bro. She has an elder bro who is at home, but a 3yr old calls all older boys “koko”. I immediately took her hand and said, “Let’s go.” She was scared and wanted to be carried. So I carried her and walked on; her face was facing behind me. She then covered both eyes with both her hands. I walked faster and then called my wife to come over to fetch us home later; did not dare to walk that path back again.

I didnt ask her abt the incident becos I did not want to remind her abt it; it just raised goose pimples when I thought abt it; I saw nothing; question is what did she see… I wonder….

I have never seen a ghost b4, hesitant to believe in their existance, but it’s real-life experiences like these that sometimes make me wonder.

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