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Old Mandai Camp

There used to be a huge army training camp along the Mandai Road that had been closed. The place is kinda eerie place as when you drive by, its like a huge place with nobody inside at all. I believe there may be guards though at the gates, with little guard house beside it, but no activity of any sort can be seen. During my NS days, I was told that that Mandai Camp was extremely haunted, the story being that decades back, a fight broke out in that camp, between 2 groups of soldiers, one of which was Indonesian exchange soldiers or something like that (during the 60s or 70s, not very sure).

I can’t remember the exact details of the story, except that the group that died had their heads chopped off, each placed inside their own boxes, with decapitated private parts (own), stuffed inside their mouths. Since then, the camp became so haunted, even priests could not exorcise the restless spirits, and due to increasing vengeful hauntings, the whole place was shut down. I think there’s a new camp that was built later on in the years, also along Mandai Road… but the old one was never inhabited again. I am not sure whether it has opened up again in recent years, or still shut down, since I no longer take the 171 bus that goes along Mandai road anymore.

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