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One Red Eye

This story takes place during the late 1950′s in Japan. A business man in his 20′s was traveling through a small quiet town from a hard days work. He thought he can make it home before dark but before he knew it the sun has set.

The young man became tired and wanted to find a shelter but did not want to travel all the way back to the town’s inn. So he decided he would ask one of the residents if he may stay the night. All the town’s folk seem to be asleep or no one was home since there was no sign of lights.

The business man found a small house that had light coming from the house and decided to try. The business man knocked on the door and an old man greeted him. The business man asked the old man “Sir would it be possible if I can stay the night? I would be glad to pay for a day of rest.” The old man said “No it’s fine, there arn’t many visitors around and I wouldn’t mind to have a guest stay the night.”

The old man fed the business man and after the meal took the business man to a guest room. The business man noticed there was another room next to his but was not picky about which room he stayed in. So he thanked the old man and got ready for bed. The business man blew out the candles and went to bed. About 15 minutes later he heard a soft singing tune coming from the other room next to his.

Being a curious man he crawled to the wall, wet his fingers and poked a hole through the rice paper wall. He then peeked into the hole to discover a the a very beautiful women with long black hair covering one side of her face. The women was singing and dancing. The business man looked away and thought why the old man didn’t bother introducing them. The singing stopped and the business man took another look at the hole, but all he could see was a red glow and nothing else. The business man said “ah maybe I’m just dreaming or something.” and went back to sleep.

The next morning the business man woke up and the old man had prepared breakfast for the both of them. While both men were eating the young man said “Sir, who was that lovely lady next to my room singing and dancing?” The old man was shocked and said “there is no one living in that room……it did once belong to my daughter until she died. Unfortunately my daughter was born with a disfigurement and couldn’t find anyone that would marry her. Heartbroken she committed suicide.”
“What was the disfigurement?!” the young man asked.

“She was born with one red eye.”

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