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The Bomoh

If your mum were born between 1940-1950s, i’m sure she would heard of stories about not to open door to strangers at night during the 60s. This story started way many years back when there is this urban legend of a lady bomoh where everyone calls her “Kum Kum”. This story starts like this…

Once, when singapore was still a fishing village.. there’s this lady bomoh who has great powers to cure the villagers and fishermans of all illness and ward off bad luck.. But time was cruel on everyone that becoz she spent most of her youth helping out ppl.. she fell in love for someone late in the age.. although she know various spells and curses to make a man fall for her.. she vowed that she will never used it on the one she truly love.. but sadly.. 1 day, the man openly rejected her for that she n him are having a big age gap…filled with anger, she traded her good heart for a spell that can restore her youth and beauty… that is to drink the bergin blood of young woman. Soon the village has many mysterious deaths of young woman and she was consulted by the chief of the village..

As many deaths followed, she was soon beaten by her fellow senior bomoh and was condemn to a forest that was where she laid a curse that she will lurk on this earth for as long as her lover bones remain..(mabbe her lover BK her?).. then without the blood, she restored to her old ugly self..thats why last time when sg still got kampung, occasionally deaths of young woman who are bergin still exists, where their body would be found at their door steps with the blood sucked dry..however, 1 young lady managed to escape, and recounted the whole story to be told todae………

There will be this old lady that will knock on the doors of young ladies where she will be trying to say “Selam Marikum(sorry if i spell wrong..)” which means something like hello in malay..but however.. she would oni go “Kum…#@&#kum…” and she will always ask for a glass of plain water from the ger.. it will oni be when the young lady opens the door to hand her the glass of water that she noticed something was amiss as weeds and grass grew from the old lady.. before she know it…her last picture she saw was the face of the old lady with her mouth wide open …….

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