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What Was That?

I know that there are alot of stories surrounding haunted schools but mine is true. I know many will not believe me but this did not only happen to me but to a few others.

it all happened when i went back to my school in telok kurau to finish my techinical was durin the june holidays so the school was very it was also raining.i went straight to the technical workshop.i opened the doors and switched on all the lights.the workshop was always dark because of the way it was it didn’t strike me tat it was spooky.i took my project and went to the bench at the far i was doing some minor adjusments my technical teacher cum dicipline master walked in.he wasn’t surprised to see me as he had ask us all to make use of the workshop during the holidays to do our project.he helped me fer awhile after that left .he had given me the keys to lock up after i had finished cause he was going home.he also told me there was no one near the technical building too.after he left i carried on wif my work…….then suddenly my body hairs stood on their ends and i felt a slight chill.i looked up and saw a shodowy figure figure walking at the looked like it was heading straight towards me.i immediately drop wat i was doing and head towards the door.i didn’t bother switching off the lights and fans.and i didn’t even lock up…………….

the next day i was called back to return the keys and was asked y i didn’t switch of the lights and fans after i left……..i explained but was in vain……nobody believed me.a month later the workshop i was workin in was cleared as it was to be renovated.since we were all available……my teacher decided to ask us for help to clear the “haunted” workshop.two of my frens decided to stay back to help since they were free…..

it was around 3 in the evening and they went down to cllect the machine drill………when they entered they realised it was very cold.during tat time the school was empty and the technical block was no they were walking towards the machine drill they felt the floor shaking as if alot of people were running.they looked around to see if there were anybody running…….but there was no one.they immediately ran out of the school.the last case involved me again wif one of my frens who experienced the shaking.we were at the top floor juz sitting and chatting bout life and teachers.beside us was the band room which was airconditioned so its windows were friend looked inside and turned back to look at me.he looked as if he had seen a ghost.then he said with a trembling voice”i thunk i saw a figure running inside the band room”i taught he was joking cause when i told them bout my experienced they made jokes bout it……then when i saw his hairs standing at their ends i knew that ge was telling the truth.we ran out of the school like mad idiots.i haf recently graduated and still i do not noe wat was that that my frens and i experienced.all i noe is that the school was built on an old kampung.i give this warnin to all telok kurau students………………….”DUN GO NEAR THE TECHNICAL BLOCK”

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