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Guardian Angel

My Grandpa and Dad has the ability to see the supernatural…in fact all the adults at home except for Mum and her kids(including me)have the ability too. I live in a 5-room Flat in Woodlands. My house, as told by my Grandpa is guarded by a ‘Penunggu ‘or guardian. What I am going to write here is my personal experiences to belief that I have my own guardian angel. My Grandpa And Dad always mention that I have an angel that follows me everywhere except to the ladies, of course..that is why whenever I lied to them where I have been to, they will be able to tell the exact place, time and with whom I went to. I always pass it off as the knowledge was part of their inherited ability to know about anything they want to. I do not believe I have an angel and that my “angel” complained to them that I was lying. One day while having a chat, Dad abruptly kept quiet and looked straight at my room. At that point of time I felt a little cold. Dad nonchalantly said that a bad spirit has entered my room and that my guardian has entered to chase the intruder away.

Oh Man! I could not believe his stories. But then! Slam! Went the door. I began to wonder. I did open the door wide till it sticks to the magnetic door ledge. How can the dooor slams when there was no one else and no wind at all? We heard a soft cry. Me, being brave, opened my bedroom’s door. I smelt the room of my favourite perfume brand. Then I felt a little weak and decided to lay on the bed. Mine is the Queen sized bed and I always sleep on the right. As I lay on my bed, I felt that the left side of my bed was jerking down a little- as if someone has decided to lay his body next to me on my bed!

Could it be my Guardian Angel? My mind began to wonder. If it is a man then how? I began to panic. Just then I smiled. I remembered Dad and Grandpa saying my Angel is a lady. Phew! Well lady, u are welcome to sleep beside me, I said in my heart. As soon as I said that, the other side jerks again as if someone has got up and leave the bed. I finally got down to my brain and believe that I have an angel..furthermore there was once my friend and I went out one night, she was disturbed by the supernatural but I was not. When Grandpa tried to cast the supernatural being away with the help of Al-Quran verses, he told me that if not for my angel, I would have been possessed too. My Grandpa had also told me that I am the next in the family tree to inherit the family’s ability since I am the first Grandchild in the family line. However he did advise me to better my prayers and Islamic Knowledge as the ability is too much too handle for a person with a weak Eeman..he or she can be crazy if not prepared spiritually.

Oh Man! Can they skip me? I wonder?

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