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Talking Doll

This happened about ten years ago when I was in Secondary school. That year I was in the morning session. Since my school was in Queenstown and I stayed in Jurong, I have to leave the house quite early to catch the 7.00 am bus. Normally, I would get up at 6.00am to get ready for school. The nite before the incident, I and my sister (we’re sharing the same bedroom) had difficulty sleeping. It was a very warm nite. So, since my father was working the nite shift, we went to sleep in my mother’s airconditioned room.

I still could not sleep, so at 5.30am decided to take a bath and get ready for school. I took my bath in my mother’s room bathroom and then went up to my room to get ready. I was combing my hair when I heard somebody calling me “Kakak,kakak(sister in Malay)” I turned around thinking my sister had woken up. But there was no one around. I went to my mother’s room and found my sister still asleep. I grew scared but brushed it off as my imagination. I went in the room again to get my schoolbag and I again heard it. This time, I heard a small child’s voice calling me “Kakak”! I turn and saw my sister’s doll (the one that cries when u took out the pacifier) and its eyes actually blinked at me. I immediately ran to my mom’s room and stayed there until 6.45am. Once, I reached home from school, I took the doll and threw it in the storeroom and since then, i had banned all dolls from my room.

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