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Haunted Aircraft Toilet

This happened to me many years ago when I was working as an airline stewardess. I was on a transit stop in Dubai enroute to Europe. The aircraft, a B747, had arrived earlier from Singapore and my crew took over in Dubai. I was working behind with my girlfriend in the economy aft cabin. As usual during transit stops, we crew would be busy doing ground duties preparing the aircraft for the next sector. One of our duties was to check and replenished the aircraft toilets with amenites.

As I was busy doing that, the doors of one of the toilets shoke. It was the kind that had folding doors. I ignored it and told myself that it could possibly be the effect of the cargo loading downstairs. Later on, a passenger came to me and told me that the was probably another passenger trying to get out because, according to him, the door shoke very hard. (You see this type of door folded inwards, would be difficult if you were inside trying to get out if you were big size.) I immediately went to check on it.

As I was coming towards it, it shoke again. I pushed open and to my surprise there wasn’t anyone inside the toilet. Huh!! What could that be??? I locked it from outside after that. I went to my girlfriend and told her about it. She said she saw it too but ignored it because she saw no one going in to the toilet. Throught the flight, the toilet was remained locked because we were too scared to go near it. So Beware of the aicraft toilets the next time you fly!!!

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