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Evil Spirit In Trees

This is a real story about something that happenned to me when I was teenager. It really scares me until today. When I was a teenager I used to have a band . We trained two or three times a week at one of the member`s house. I used to take a long way to my friend`s house. They told me never to take short cut there as they believed you`d have to pass an evil tree on the way. I never believed it so I checked it out in the morning. Hehehe. Well, it was really a huge tree.

To get to my friend`s house in a shorter time, I had to pass the tree. But I always told myself not to do it. One night after jamming,we didnt realise it was very late. I had to go back earlly as i promised my mum that I would not be late that day. My other friends decided to go on their own ways back home so I decided to take the short cut.i said to myself well nothing is real. It was nearly midnight and eerie too. No one about and not a single noise heard. The wind suddenly was so strong and it started to drizzle.

My heart started to beat fast. “Ahh, nothing man!” I said to myself and without realising it, I came to where I had to pass the evil tree. I walk slowly and started singing to avoid feeling scared. When i came near the tree I started to feel shivers through my spine. I loooked up the tree and suddenly the tree became bigger and turned too into a big huge monster with a lot of hands taht started to grab me.

The tree`s eyes were so red that it looked like blood. I started to scream and ran all the way to my house. When I reached home my mother asked me why I was shivering. I said nothing to my mom. That night I couldn`t sleep. I started to play guitar and the last thing i remembered was all my
family being around me. They said I`d been possesed by ghosts and was singing in all diffrent languages. It really scared my late dad who cured me by using holy words taken from The Quran.

From that day onward, I never took the short cut anymore.

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