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Jurong Lake

Few years ago, after watching a midnight movie at Jurong East Central, W and I took a slow stroll back to Jurong West (where there`s a canal/connector to Jurong Park). As there were still some food left after the show, we decided to find a seat at the pathway leading into Jurong Park (where once could see the Chinese Garden right opposite) to finish the remaining snacks.

Just before we head into the stretch of pathway, there was a couple walking out, and the first bench (which was brightly litted and nearest to the main road) was occupied with another couple . So we had to walk for quite a distance before the next bench and midway, I noted to W tat the streetlamps were not litted. He just nodded. Then, within the very moment that I realised the unlitted path, I saw a black kitten walking very briskly towards us with some meowing too. Immediately we both turned back, heading way out. The kitten caught up on us and linger around our feet, moving in circles (as if winding up our feet). We tot it might just wanted our snacks so we threw them hoping the kitten wanted but it just continued to stick to us, brushing our feet.

We quickened our pace but strangely we were still not `out` of the park yet. After another audioble `mew`, the kitten stopped following us.. thinking it was good news, the curious me turned my head back (still walking on) and I did see the kitten sitting on the pavement facing us. However, what I saw (consciously) was not just the kitten, a little further away behind the kitten, I visioned someone walking very very quickly towards the kitten (meaning towards us!). That person was wearing seemingly like a long sleeved pajamas, unable to see his/her features (maybe it`s too dark). I told W and he just briefly turned to take a peek and by then we were already running.

I asked him if he really saw that someone, he just nodded.. and.. geez.. we realised we were back to the litted entrance of the path! We crossed the road, walked along the canal to where I reside. I probed him on to what he saw, as I really want to confirmed what he sighted was the same as me (or did he really see anything at all). From his description, it tallied.Till today, everytime I pass by that area, I noticed that the streetlamps were all brightly litted.. but why not on that particular day? It`s not a made up tale..nor a hear-say horror story from somebody. It`s from a wierd sighting from ME.

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