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Ghost In School

I believe there a lot of story about seeing ghost in school,well i got one too in fact it happen to me.

It`s just like any normal day,that my grandfather drove us to school till to at that time I stayed at Bt timah and my school is at Still road.So I will still be late even I managed to take the first bus to school.But on the very day, my grand-father had to send me to school very early as he need to return the cab to his owner.

I remember i arrive at school abt 5.45am,at that time my school gate were still closed.About 10 min later a school canteen auntie came and opened the gate. i went in to the school with her and I went stright to my classroom located on the third floor.When i reached the third floor,i choose not to switch on the light as my classroom if located on the other end of the corridor, even if i did switch on the light it still be dark for me as there no light outside my classroom.

As I were walking to my classroom,I saw a dim light just outside my classroom.As I walked closer i saw a young girl feature and she was dress in white!!!! the funny thing is i can see through her and the white light is like just surround her. As i began to walk closer,i can see her feature very clearly,she had very long hair,she look very sad.When i looked down i relizse she floating and she got no legs……..

when i look at her again.she let out a very chill smile at me.I don`t know what got to me,coz when she smile to me i streched out my hand and wanted to touch her. but when i were about to get closer, she moved into my classroom and vanished.When I went in to my claasroom, i could not see her anymore but i can still sense her around as i still can heard her laughing beside me and the chill just run down to my bone……….

I quickly left my bag on one of the desk and quickly turned around and run down to the school canteen as fast as i could.I waited for one of my classmate to come as he have the ying yang eye. When i saw him,i quickl;y pull him aside and told him there something in our classroom whitout telling him what.When we went up to our classroom together,he just stood outside the classroom door and told me he saw a female ghost `standing` at one of the courner of the classroom where my seat was located.I looked at my classmate and ask him how do i get rid of her.He say we can`t as our classroom is where she stay.

For the whole day on that day I feel very uneasy and find it hard to concerate during class as the ghost beside me just keep on letting a very eerie laugh and for the whole day she keep staring at me………..

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