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Stranger In The Room

A few years back, I came back to Singapore from Australia during July to visit my family and friends here since I was studying overseas. As a coincidence, my brother was going to Malaysia to visit my sister-in-law`s family. Hence I got the privilege to use and sleep in their room.

As I am a night owl, I usually sleep at around 3-4 in the morning. Then one night when I was watching VCDs in the room, I had the door locked for fear that dad will come in and reprimand me for not turning in earlier. While watching the movie, I heard sounds outside the room and also saw the door knob being turned. However, whoever was outside did not have a chance to come in as I had said, I already locked the door. As I thought it might have been one of my parents, I ignored the seeings and went back to my movies.

The next night, as I was feeling very tired, I went to bed earlier than usual. I had the lights switched off and was watching tv in bed. Just then, I heard the same type of sound again and I could sense a chill running down my spine. I was scared and I quietly turned off the tv and hide in the blanket.
As that instance, I feel the presence of another being in the room with me. I felt it walking or floating out of the master-bedroom toilet and heading to the foot of my bed. My oh my, I was really scared and I felt myself tearing. I peeped through the blanket to see whether who was it there, but I could see nothing. Just a strong sense of someone elses in the room. It stood by the foot of my bed for quite some time, before making it to the door. Once she was out of the door, I could sense myself relaxing and breaking up. I cried aloud and promised myself that I will tell my parents about it.
In the evening the next day, before telling my parents what happened, I asked both of them whether any of them had came to the bedroom and tried to open the door. But both of them denied and said they were already sound asleep at that time. Just then, my sister-in-law came back and hear what I was saying and told me about her happenings.

She told us that whenever my brother goes overseas on business trip, she will not stay in that room herself. This was because whenever she is alone in the room, she could sense another `person` there as well. She would also have nightmares continuously throughout all the nights. That was why whenever my brother is out of the country, she will go and sleep in my room instead.

Upon hearing what both of us had said, dad was concern and had took us both to a chinese temple to consult about what we should do to prevent such things from happening. Dad was told to `cleanse` every corner of the house, using salt and a special type of joss stick.

Since then, everything had went back to normal and a few years later, dad sold the house and moved to where we are now which provide us with a peaceful and happy life.

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