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Spirit That Followed Us

About a decade ago, my sister, Yvonne, with two friends, Shu fen and Shufang and me went to Little Guilin located at Bukit Batok. It was our favourite haunt out place and it was rumored that it was haunted – people drowned in the deep waters and a sticky layer on the water prevent anyone who fell into the water to escape. Of course, we ignored the rumors. Being girls, we laughed, shouted, whatever. I guess we were really loud then.

It was soon evening time and we went home. It was still perfectly normal when we went home. As my sister was physically weak and it was said that people like her are prone to see supernatural beings. At night both of us went to bed when my sister saw a figure of a little kid trying to wake me up to play with her. Of course I didn`t react as I was sound asleep. My sister was so afraid that she just pretend to be asleep. Seeing that no one want to play with `it`, he turned to my toys.

The next morning, my sister told us what she saw. My father being the macho man treated it as a joke. He volunteered to sleep in the living room to experience the whole thing. My dad, unlike my sister, being healthy and strong, didn`t manage to see `it`. But my sister and I really found it spooky so my mum went to approach a medium for help.

The following day, the medium came and he just started chanting and pouring rice all over the place. He ordered us not to sweep the rice away for three days and we were to bath with a plant call `xia liu` which can chase spirits away. According to the medium, the spirit that my sister saw was lonely. He heard us playing at Little Guilin and thought of befriending us. Isn`t this spooky? Befriending us? And he said that the God in my house was old and lose the powers of protecting my family from evil beings and we were supposed to change a new God. Of course we followed his instuctions… By the
way, I`m quite used to seeing these types of spirits already. My sister still being as weak as ever, keep saying that she can see spirits truing to pull her soul so that they can use her body to reincarnate…

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