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Ang Mo Kio Park

It was a quiet night when me and my girlfriend was walking briskly at the Ang Mo Kio Park. It was about 11p.m at night and the park was rather dim. As we were walking, i happened to notice a lady wearing a yellow baju kurung standing alone at the dark cliff of the park. Next to her was another lady in white with long hair. Thinking sometime was amiss, i quickly ran up to that lady to caution her of the other “lady” standing next to her.

When i approach the lady in the “yellow baju kurung,” she panicked when she saw me. I told her of what i saw just now, but she remained calm and smiled at me. I noticed that her eyes were looking at the bushes near us. She then followed me down the stairs. When we have reached down, i noticed her eyes were still looking at the bushes as if she was reluctant to leave the place. I soon made my way, but the lady still stood there waiting for me to leave. The incident still lingers in my mind. Who was the lady in white next to the ” lady in the yellow baju kurung?” Why was she there alone at that hour? Why was she always looking at the bushes ? Our conclusion was, probably she was hiding something from us. Could she knew about the figure? Or probably she has a connection or kept that “thing?”

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