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Haunted School

It happened late this year. The story began like this: When I was in my classroom (located near basement & a store) with all my classmate, the time was 3 PM in the afternoon (saturday). Usually there was no one at my school that time. As we were sharing ghost stories with each other, suddenly the lights went off. We thought it was just a black out, then we heard a spooky sound. Our class remain quiet, we just keep waiting what will happen next. A minute later, the lights were back. We keep on telling ghost stories. Then, one of my classmate decided to go to the toilet.

As she walking a cross the basement, she pass the store room. She then saw something was flashing at her. She took a look inside. She saw nothing. So she ignore it… later, she felt like somebody was following her, she take a look. Then, she saw a flying white cloth. She get so scared and ran to my classroom. She told us all ’bout it. One of my classmate surgest that we should sat at the store to see what really happen, was her imagination only or is it true ghost??. So we sat there about 10 min.

Later my bestfriend saw a leg was hanging at the ceiling. She cried, but we didn’t see anything. Waiting and waiting, then the ghost appear!!!. A woman with a long hair and dress in white. We were so scared that we ran and take our things and packed out. We ran and not turning back. As we reach the 1st floor, we check on everyone to see whose missing. No one were left out. We’ve learn our lesson here, never ever dare to see a ghost.

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