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Face In Mirror

It was a thursday night. It was around 7.00 p.m. As my parents were not at home, i decided to have a quick bath in my room toilet. As i was about to enter the bathroom, i heard a strange sound from the kitchen. I decided to check it out. i slowly entered the kitchen. As i neared the kitchen, i had a preminition that it might be coming from the toilet. So without me doing anything, i was somewhat pulled towards the toilet. I went inside and saw nothing. I decide to leave. But something made me turn and face the mirror. To my horror, i saw this hideous face in the mirror. I was so scared that i ran out of the toilet, out of the kitchen and i ran out of my house. I then heard things in my house being thrown around. After a while, i entered the house and saw many broken objects. I told my mom what happened the very next day. She brought a priest from the nearby temple.

The priest said that the face in the mirror was an evil ghost that wanted to possess me. But since i ran out of the house, it got angry and broke the things in the house. Luckily the priest got rid of it. From that day onwards, i am afraid to look into my kitchen toilet mirror.

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