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In a house nearby a graveyard in Pasir Ris, a poltergiest infestation, plagued a Bungalow for years. It actually started in july 1991 and Hafiz had just lost his mother.At a point when he thought he would never get over his grief, his dad had moved him and his sister into a new house oposite his grandparents’ in the hope that the family be able to be stronger when they were together. While his sister preferred living with her grandparents, Hafiz, however, wanted to stay alone in their own home.

Hafiz’s dad took short trip to distance himself in Malacca from the of losing his wife left Hafiz alone thinking that he would never get over the pain which overwhelmed him. The next night it was raining, the doors and windows opened and closed repeatedly 3 times, he was so scared and frightened that he don’t dare to go to the toilet. When he wanted to go toilet in the kitchen, he saw knifes and scissors flying all over him and straight away ran to his grandparents’ house.

The next two months, Hafiz’s returns and was surprised to find that no one was in the house. Calling his parents, he found out that both his children were at their house. “They don’t want to stay there Ahmad……..they say that there’s something wrong with it.” “There’s absolute nothing wrong with it.” Somewhere upstairs, a door slams. He looks up briefly and then goes back to the conversation. “It is just the nerves….after what happened and all…….

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