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Ghost Scared Of Human

Please do not believe this story if you scared of ghost so much, bcause this story will make you courage and look for ghost. ( Do not look them up if they did not do anything to you at the first place…..)

This story is actually happened to my dear Mother, when she was abt 45+ years old. Last time my family was staying at the old house which is shophouse at around Balestier area. Last time people’s thinking is if there is any ghost in the house, juz don’t care about it, bcoz they will not do anything harmful to human.

My family’s thinking is same here. At the place last time they stay, there was a ‘old granny’ ( she is a spirit, she stay at our place before us ) staying with us. Although we do saw her, but we regards her as a friend, so both the dead and the living stays together.

At that time my third Brother was birth and was about 1 years old, my mother sleep on the bed which the side was lean to the wall, my 3rd Bro was in a rocking basket beside the bed, so my mother lie on the edge of the bed, the space which is more to the wall was empty…… Then my mother suddenly felt a breeze of shivering air passed her to the wall, so she turned back and saw the ‘ old granny ‘ was behind her lying on the bed with her. But my mother was very calm as she know this granny was with her all the time when she is at the house, so she wasn’t scared at all.

As my mother respect her so she did not do any action, she carry on rocking my Bro. But the ‘ granny ‘ did not think so … the ‘ old granny ‘ slowly moved herself to my mother and tried to push my mother down to the bed. But my mother tried not to make her angry, so she moved herself back everytime she was pushed. But the ‘ old granny ‘ still do such thing when my mother was tried to be calm, at the last minute when my mother can’t take it anymore. She did not scream, she did not take my Bro and run. Instead, she just put her hand at the back aiming for the butt of the ‘ old granny ‘, put twisted it with her full force. The next thing happening is she saw the ‘ granny ‘ jump up and vanished into thin air. Then my mother carrying on rocking my 3rd Bro………

This story is heard from my mother personally. Ghost is not always very scaring, they also very scared of human beings. The onli way to win over them is to have the courage to face them…. Don’t say is very easy, because only when you see it personally then you will know whether you have the courage.

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