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Beach Spirit

Well..this happened to me along time ago when I was still a teenager. It happened while me and my ex-guy were at the beach in Pasir Panjang and I’m not sure whether its still existed till today. We were there quite late and planned to stay overnite at that place cos we were out of cash to get home.

So while we were talking the nite away, my ex-guy got so tired and wanted to sleep so he suggested I look out while his taking his sleep and we were abt to take turns sleeping. The nite was very chilling but I managed to stay awake as the breeze is quite comforting and the amazing thing was I don’t feel anything weird happening around me.

While I was wondering in the nite, I saw one man came towards me and I tried not to pay attention to him at all. Then he asked me what I was doin there at that time. I said that we are passing thru and will leave first thing in the morning as we don’t have enuff cash to get home. The weird thing was I can’t see his face at all but his voices and this man figure in front of me cos it was dark. I felt calm cos I thot that his just a concern man staying around the beach but to think at 4am makes me terrified. He warned me to leave the place immediately as he said its not a good place to sleep at that time. More weirder was my ex-guy was sleeping throughout our whole conversation and I’ve tried to shake him up back he still slept deeply. So I thank him for his advise and when I’ve watched him leave me..he seems like to vanished among the trees and I can’t even hear him walk thru as there was alot of dried leaves scattering around the beach. I got panic and woke my ex-guy and pestered him to leave the place immediately but he was shocked and tried to calm me. I told him abt the man and he think I must be sleeping or dream abt the weird man. I cried and he gave way to leave as I don’t want anything bad to happen cos I believe the spirit was there to protect me from harm if I never leave the place at once.

We left and till now I’m glad no harm on me as I believe my parents never fail to pray for my safety wherever I go and my advise is pls believe if anyone come into you and tell you to leave the place at once cos it can be a good spirit protecting us from harm…..till next time…

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