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The Baby

My father is working as a taxi driver part time. He took the night shift. I always wanted to encounter the third kind for myself, so I thought of following my father to work. I sat at the front passenger sit with my father sitting next to me driving. As I already sat at the front seat, we can only take two or three more passenger. So while my father drive along looking for people to hire his taxi, I dozed off for awhile.

I was awoken by a strong smell later and I woke up. I can see that my father had already take someone. I turned around and saw a woman, in a dress just like the Adam’s Family, Morticia Addams, except for the dress is white, is holding a baby, and throwing me a frightening smile. After driving for awhile, the baby was crying non stop.

My father who was busily driving, didn’t look back as he thought the mother is trying to hush the baby. But I sense that the mother is doing nothing, so I turn behind and to my shock, the mother is nowhere behind. I reach for the baby who was lying alone, wrap in the towel crying and then suddenly my father brake the taxi.

The baby fell down and I was like too scared to see wad happened to baby. I scolded my father screaming why he brake the taxi so hard and told him the baby had fallen down. (Not from the taxi lah. But the baby juz fall down from the sit. Would you be scared to find out a baby had fallen from the sit of a car? It could be hurt. I was thinking of that).

Then I looked at my father face and noticed he was shock of something. I look in front and to my second SHOCK, The mother of the baby is flying and flashing a smile like wad she gave me just now at the front of the taxi! I screamed again I quickly look for the baby behind. TO my third shock, the baby is a Batu nisan, a tombstone to be exact.

I started crying asking my father why and where he pick up this lady, and he told me she was somewhere from the forest in the deserted road. He thought that she was drop off by a friend here or had a fight with her husband and her husband drop her off there or what. I tell you that was stupid. How can he think of that in the middle of the night? Who in the world would drop off his ‘wife’ in the middle of the deserted road at night after a fight?

What’s worst is that the ‘wife’ is with a baby, who would do that? Anyway for that batu nisan, when my father take it and put it beside the road. it was still crying. The potianak is nowhere to be found after we read some prayers. That was the worst encounter in my life. In fact it was the first!!

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