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The Ghost That Haunt Pulau Hantu

I have read most of Hungzai’s story some are kind of cool but some are quite lame. I mean you guys should only accept good stories. Anyway here’s my story. Well one spooky night, the only light was from the mooon just right above us. My dad told me and some of my good ppls that followed me to pulau hantu (i know that place is restricted, but….i dunno how we managed to get in). Well…..he told us the story. One night, he and his army friends when to pulau hantu to camp. (At that time, army boys had to do all this kinda stuff) In the morning as usaual, they had to do morning exersice and dawn came and everyone was exhuasted. They all headed for the showers and later when to sleep.

12mn and my dad still could not sleep. Everyone was sleeping so soundly except him who was feeling very hot and restless. Suddenly, the toliet when on. He heard running water and a person singing. Weird huh? As a so called “brave” man, he went there to check out who would be bathing at 12mn!~! As he sat foot onto the toliet floor, the singing stopped and the lights went off and the water were turned off. He went to find the switch and then on the lights. What he saw freaked him out. He saw blood all over the toliet floor. He immedately ran out and then went back to his bed to sleep.

The next day he told his captian about it. He told my dad that there was no blood or anything like that in the toliet. My dad did not believe and so he when to the toliet to check it out. THere was nothing. Maybe he was dreaming or maybe it was just an imagination of his. U may think the story ends here, but no it does not. The day after he had saw the blood , One of his team memeber , james, died while bathing. He had hung himself in the toliet. And outside the toliet was this writing , it said “die!”. Some of the army man try to repaint the wall but the word would just appear and appear and it never seem to go away. It happened on a thurday night.

Now after 20 longs years later, one of his friends told him that his son had died in pulau hantu on the very same day! The day his friend told him about his son’s death was on a thurday 3/4/2001. The same date which my fathers beloved friend had died on. And would u believe it!! He also hung himself in the toliet. (The “die” sign now is replaced by a electrical

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