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My Experience

I am born in a family of four; My dad, mum, small brother and myself. In my family, we have a dark history, whereby some of us have this unknown illness. it was believed that the cause of this sickness is due to black magic sent by someone who hates my family. My mum, my aunt, my uncle and I are the main victims…

Whenever this “thing” comes, I will suddenly just shout at night without any reasons and will just say all sorts of things. I don`t know why i did that, but somehow i know i was possessed. Of all my experiences, there`s one i can never forget..

It was during my primary school days. I was in P6 at that time, taking my PSLE. I was in the afternoon session, which means that i was dismissed ard 5.30 pm. One day while I was in class doing nothing, I started looking out of the windows, when suddenly I started crying. I know I saw something right outside the windows, but I cannot explain what it was. I cried and wailed for no apparent reason. My mum was called up to take me home..

The next day,She bring me to her friend`s house. WHen we reach there, her friend`s brother started the rituals and tried to cure me. while he was trying to cure me, my mum suddenly start talking in Javanese language. When he tried to revive my mum, that “thing” jumps to me and possessed me. I started crying like as if i`m scared of something. when i regained my conciuos, i saw a reflection of someone standing beside me in a bottle that was put infront of me. when i turned to the direction of the reflection, i saw no one. the reflection shows like its a man with the face being covered by a pink cloth. “The man” was wearing red boxer shorts and has a very pale skin complexion. Who is that man, up till now i Don`t know.. But that marks the very day when I started to see all the “unseen things”

My mum started to fight like a Javanese warrior. The religious man tried to stopped her by chanting vurses from the Qur`an. She fainted for awhile before regaining contiousness.

After the rituals was over, my mum told me the darkest secret of my family. She said that my aunt and my uncle experience the same things as what i`ve experienced. the reason they moved to our present place is because of this illness. they thought by doing so, they can escape from the black magic.

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