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Hi! I visited your website & notice that you are looking for reader’s stories, hence I thought I could give it a try with my own unusual experience which happened during one of the Chinese New Year…

This is the first time I have encountered with such happenings… It happened when I was still at the age of about 5 or 6. I remember clearly it was the eve of the Chinese New Year about to midnight, I water the plant as I usually did while waiting for the countdown to begin. Just then, I noticed a pair of hairy man’s legs suddenly appeared from that particular plant I am watering, walked out of it and barged into my father’s room…

Maybe at that time I was still too small to have understand whats fear in a person’s mind, I tag along with that pair of legs with as fast as I could to see where is “it” heading to. Unfortunately, I lost “it” when I was about to reach the door of my father’s room, “it ” disappeared. Simply vanished into the thin air.

Feeling puzzled, I went straight to my parents, who were then still watching the countdown programme, telling them what I have saw just now & it was only till then that I found out that I actually saw a GHOST.

Then after, a few years later, I again encountered such happenings but with a totally different story..

It happened when I was about 9 years old, in a rainy evening when my mother was doing some laundry, I could clearly see a dark human figure walking past my mother. By now, knowing that “type of things” again, I kept quiet & only tell her of what I have seen during dinner that night. However strange enough, throughout her reply, she told me that she did not feel uncomfortable or anything special about it.

Finally, the following story happened just about a week ago…

It happened at about 3 o’clock in the morning when I heard some dogs howling. At first, I thought ,using my common sense, that these dogs must be missing their homes but then as I continued listening to what was happening I found it strange as I could hear alot of people being chained & crying very bitterly… I quickly covered my head with some pillows to pretend that I am actually asleep although inwardly feeling very afraid & at the same time quite puzzled. Hence I waited for some time and woke up at 4 o’clock sharp in the morning to find that all the noise had disappeared.

It was only till the next morning that I asked about my mother regarding the strange noise I had heard last night & got to know that it was actually the deseased person had come back to pay a visit to his own family member during the first 7 days of his death.

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