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Feel The Pinch

This story does not happen to me but was related to me by one of my relatives.

One of my mum relatives, had an operations due to a illness. The operation was successful but she have to stay in the hospital for observations. So, the encounter happened during one night…

That very night, auntie “Jane” (not her real name) was almost half asleep in her bed after taking her medicine. The time was close to 10 plus. She was staying in a 2 person ward. The other bed was empty as the patient has been discharged several days ago. So my auntie was all alone.

Soon enough she feel asleep…

Then suddenly, in the middle of the night, she experience some pinching pain on her arm as though someone or something is pinching her. Then she heard strange inrecognizable sounds and noises. Somehow similar to a young child giggling or what only that it sound very distorted. My auntie at that time was real afraid. But luckily, she was calm enough and just pray and talk to the “things” asking them to leave her alone. After some time, the eerie sensation and pinching stop and my auntie finally breathe a sigh of relief. All this while she never open her eyes, as it be worse if you see that “thing”. Later that morning, she ask the nurse who have slept in the bed before her and true enough it was a young female child who have died a few weeks ago. My auntie then ask for a transfer to a 6 person ward as she will feel more “safer” there.

I visited my auntie that day after and she told me about all that happened. Then she told me that if one day if i was “unlucky” enough to encounter these things, the best thing is to leave them alone and just pray in your heart to your own God. If there is God in your heart, you be protected. That is a good advice…

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