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Friend Last Visit

Last year was a very disheartening year for me.

I still remember August 30, 2001, my granny passed away. Went through the funneral ceremony. Really hated that feeling of lossing someone whom you know, even if both are not close.

Then came a new on Sept 13, 2001. I recieved a call from my ex-colleauge at 6 am. My friend have passed away in SGH for heartattack at 3.20am aged 42. I was really depressed, couple of weeks ago is my granny, now my friend.

I did visited him once in NUH when my granny was admitted. He was really happy to see me cos we have not been contacting for sometime. I told him i will visit him if time permitted but that promise never come true.

It was around 5.30pm on 13 Sept, was heading home from work after the shocking news in the morning. I was in the 2nd cabinet of the MRT heading West. Upon reaching Redhill from City Hall, i feel rather restless and for no reason excited. Then i start to smell something familiar. My friend was an Indian, so he got some kind of smell, maybe from the oil that he used, anyway, i am a chinese. I looking around and found no indians in that cabinet. Could it be my friend reminding me to visit him??

I just spoke in a very soft manner,”Dont kajia me please, i will visit you this evening” and instantly the smell is gone. I need keep my promise this round and make my way to his house in CCK. Saw his body lying in the centre of his house hall and felt a sense of release.

Till to date, i am still wondering if he was really around me on the MRT train that day? The smell was so strong that it feel just right beside me, like the way we use to smoke and chat in my old office.

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