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Old Lady’s Soul

I still remember when I’m still a cute young boy, i think that time I was 9, I oftenly saw this old lady who was around late 80s, lurking around on the void decks in jurong. Strangely this old lady seems not to be like any other old citizen you saw. She wore a black “selendang”, thick dark spectacles, a red baju kurung and kain batik. Her specs were too dark that you can’t even see her eyes!

Every evening, she went to a floral shop to buy some Bunga Melur(a type of flower usually used by a bomoh). There was one of these days when my father fetch me home from a tuition class, we saw her..and she was walking towards us, as we were about to pass by each other, she suddenly stop and asked my father for a dollar saying that she doesn’t have enough money to buy food. Without thinking much he gave it to her and walked off.

Since that day, he always reminds me not to get near this old lady without telling me the reason why he asked me to do so.

About three days later, i was cycling at a park nearby when i saw this old lady sitting down on a bench at the side of the pavement waving at me. She wave as if she needs help. So i went to her. That time i totally had forgotten what my dad had told me. When i was already close to her less than a meter away, she took off her specs. I felt like fainting when i saw her eyes were bloodshot red…and its glowing!! I quickly read some holy verse to ease myself from being scared, and a took my bike and rode off as fast as my leg could cycle it. By then, i still couldn’t believed myself that i saw a ghost…in a broad daylight!

When i reached home, i told my dad about it. Finally, he told me that she was actually a soul of an old lady who died in a hit-and-run accident which occured few years ago. Luckily since that day, she was no longer in my sight.

Semoga Allah S.W.T mencucuri rahmat keatas roh nya…Amin yaarobbaallamin….

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