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This Isn’t A Joke……. A Cult In Singapore. Thats crap You Guys May Say. I saw It personally with my own eyes. They were a big group and it was really scary. I met this guy on irc and he told me he was a satanist and some how i knew he wasnt lying. He brought me to this meeting where they all met. He was tall and looked like a normal person but whenever i looked into his eyes, i knew it wasnt his. I just followed him to some meeting and i was told to just make myself comfortable. Im not telling you guys where the place is but im telling you the story of what happened.

They were doing rituals and said that they are antichrists. The leader was secretive and very tall. All the other members were so respectful of his presence. Before going to the meeting, my friend told me never to look at the leader’s eyes. For the contact of the spirit in him look upon what the very eyes see. I found it a joke but i looked at my friends face again. He didnt look very happy and had that serious look. The leader had a cloak or a robe on. I dont know how to explain it but the whole group were telling me that he had been wed to satan. As in married to him literally. I found that really sick but hey thats what a satanist is. They told me that his rituals like being wed to satan were all done in California which was in America.

When i was there, the presence of a spirit was great. I felt so creepy. All my goosebumps started to stand and a chill was up my spine. After the meeting i just went back home. I wanted to join the group as they could actually summon a demon. Im not telling you guys on how to do it coz i dont really know how to do it myself. I only saw them doing it. I saw a spirit arising from the ground and a beat could be heard. Fear was all in my mind. I could think nothing else but fear.

After the meeting, i started asking my friend lots of stuff for my curiousity was aroused. My friend was tired and told me to talk to the leader. I asked how can i contact him and he said through irc. The same way i got to know my friend. I simply asked for the nickname and i got it. E_____o is the name.

Until now, i havent seen him on irc and i lost contact with my friend. I dont know how i can reach him so im just telling you guys about it. Well of you see this guy of irc go talk to him. He can tell your future probably. And all this cult stuff in singapore?

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