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Sadako In Singapore

It was my plan to go for a nite riding to PusaraAman located at Jalan Bahar. I dont know why i want to go for a ride there in a group. Might be because i’ve heard stories which being revealed by some of the Malay community where they experienced many scary scenes there..It took me few months of planning and deciding to go for a ride there. You really need guts to go there in the middle of Friday night. Although in groups anything can happen there..

So i made a gathering of 15 riders which are of my friends. I told them about the plan and their first response to me was “KAU DAH GILA EHH!!!MALAM MALAM JUMAAT KAU NAK PERGI TEMPAT TU..KAU NI NAK MATI KE APA!!”which meant(are u mad or what!In the middle of friday night u wanna go there..u wanna die or what!!)But after i explain to them that why not we just try and go there and just take a look from outside..if nothing happen we proceed deeper inside but if we smell something fishy i guess its better we turn around..

It took them sometime to think over and over again whether to go or not to go. In less than 20mins i got some positive response from only 7 of them but not the rest. They say that i’m mad n out of my mind going to that place but deep inside their heart i know that they are scared..8 of them went back and the rest of us that agreed to go have a final discussion on how and what time to start our so called “A TRIP TO HELL”.

We gather at the void deck near my place at Jurong west at about 10pm the next day. After that we went to the nearby Coffee shop “LESTARI” for a night snack before starting the journey to hell. My watch shows 11.08pm and we took our gears and move off to Jalan Bahar. It was so cold that night and i could only hear sounds of crickets and our bike chains being shifted from one gear to another.

We passed by the Jalan Bahar CD camp and soon after that we saw the tip of the tombstone of Muslim cemetery(PusaraAman1) as its being hidden by the long lalang. All of us stop at the main entrance and stared into the dark lanscape ahead of us. My heart was pounding so fast that i can feel it kicking my chest. I think the rest of the guys also feel the same too.

Before entering into the muslim cemetery(PusaraAman),i asked my final question to my fellow friends,”Are u all ok? Ready for the trip or are u all going to turn back and be cowards?” they respond back saying,”Yeah we are ready for it!”

So i lead the group into the cemetery by saying,”Assalamualaikum wahai orang-orang kubur..”which meant(peace upon you to all the dead) and off i go with the group. Our headlights and our brake lights are on. We weren’t having problem riding in the first 20mins but soon after that something happened.

My friend shouted “Mana ada hantu! Hahaha…hantu semua penakut!”(There isnt any ghost..Hahaha..All the ghost are cowards!!) I jammed brake my bike, drop my bike and ran to him. The rest of the guys i could see their eyes starting to feel the fear inside them..They only sit still at their seats and watch me confronted Rashid the big mouth guy..

I screamed at him for sayin such a sentence when we are still inside PusaraAman..i told him bout the cirumstances that might happen if we dont watch our dirty mouth. He soon realised his mistakes n i reminded the rest if i ever hear any unexpected sentence coming out from each ones mouth i’ll cut them open with my Swiss knife.

Then i tell them again that i feel that something is not right and i think its better that we leave. They too agreed since Rashid had said something unexpected and they felt the same too..We rode back to the place where we started off which is the main entrance..

When we are about to reach the main entrance, Rashid’s chain went out of track..We stop for a while wait till Rashid is done..My heart pounded faster and faster as the breeze starts to blow..I feel something is about to happen in a matter of time but i just kept quiet..I don’t know what kept Rashid so long to just put the chain back to its track..U sually putting back a chain to its track doesnt take even a minute.,but why is he taking about five minutes?

So suddenly, i hear something cannot be seen playing around with the puddle of water behind us..not only me hear that, the rest of the guys too heard that thing playing with the puddle of water..Hisham who was assisting Rashid with the chain work fast and the rest of them including me watch that thing..

“What’s that?”asked Amir..”SssssHHHHhhhh!!!!”i whispered..”work faster Hisham, Rashid! Make it fast guys..” When Hisham was about to finish this thing so suddenly turn into a woman wearing white dress, feet not touching the ground..the rest of the guys dashed off without wasting anymore time and so do Rashid,Hisham and me….Luckily Rashid’s chain went back to normal..we cycle as fast as we could cycling against the flow of traffic road and each and everyone gather back at the void deck…

That was one of the frightening experienced that happenned to me….i could not described how that woman looks like. What i can say is that she looks the same as SADAKO!!!!!!

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