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The Horrible Night

Well, i was just 16 at the time it happened to me. I was on my way for a great swinging time with my schoolmates. We all wanted adventure so all of united in one say that St.John’s Island was the greatest of all.

As i vivdly remembered that it was on the 13th July 1997, it was a friday night. All of us, actually there are only fourteen of us getting ready to board the ferry to the island and waiting for the adventure of all life. But this no adventure, ITS A HORROR!!!!!

We arrived at approximately at 6.45pm that evening, we were all getting ready to set up our tents, when i suddenly saw one of my friend heading towards the sea. There was a water break at that point, she was somehow sitting there in a ‘mermaid’ like position. She was mumbling about something until when my friend, Shima, caught a fish. My possesed friend, Yati, was screaming at the top of her lung saying, “Let go of my childrens’ or you will pay the price!” Suddenly her eyes was in bloodshot colour and it was as though it was gleaming. We were all shaken by it, till she laughed out so loud screeching so high that our ear drums could be broken anytime. Then she passed out. That was only the beginning.

As we were going to have our dinner, maggie, i suddenly noticed that there was a flower on a tree opposite us. It was red in colour but as i thought to myself that flower was not even in that colour before. If i was not mistaken it was infect green. I was puzzled, as i was about to have my noodle, i saw something at a tree looking towards us. I daren’t no tell anyone. Till my friend, Yat was the second witness, he was trembeling in fear. All of us decide to go to the nearest campsite and miggle around other campers. We packed our stuff and was ready to roll like a lightning without turning back.

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