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Two guys that i know, R & J went to a pub until 2am+. Then they were waiting for a taxi even though they had no money. They got into a cab and decided that each 1 would seat next to the taxi’s door and planned to escape without paying. They would dash out from the taxi when they reach their destination and the driver in his mid-50s would find it difficult to chase after 2 of them and they planned to run really fast.

Thus, they stopped at a point(in the east) which is near to both of their houses. Before the uncle told them the price, both of them dashed out through different doors of the taxi in split seconds and guess what? They were only a few metres from the taxi, when the both of them, in oppostie directions suddenly slumped down on the road on their knees, bowed 3 times and then ran away. The driver shocked also drove away.

* R & J said they were being pushed down by some kind of force (they thought it’s the driver but they turned around and saw the driver still in his seat) then their head was grabbed and forced to bow 3 times. After that, they heard the driver slammed his door and sped away. They were released and each rushed like hell home. They showed us their or qeh(bruise) from falling, really very black! But they sort of deserved it, don’t ya think so?

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